Grant Yourself Something Well-Deserved In The New Year: Patience

Maybe you took this time during the pandemic to think of your life, where you’re at, and where you’re – not at yet. I am guessing you thought of a few things to pick a part your position in life, as you are not alone in that mindset. It is quite typical to come upContinue reading “Grant Yourself Something Well-Deserved In The New Year: Patience”

What if You Chose Acceptance Instead of Judgement?

Your mistakes, blunders and flaws, are the most interesting things about you.In fact, the people that care about you the most are the ones that will want to hear about your greatest mistakes and the most tremendous pain you have endured. These experiences or characteristics are to be treasured, not shamed or held secret- butContinue reading “What if You Chose Acceptance Instead of Judgement?”

You Were Never Alone. Stay Connected

Support is a huge part of our mental wellbeing. When dealing with difficult life situations, adverse circumstances, or health concerns, avoiding isolation can be a crucial part of treatment and healing.  Understanding that you are not alone, is directly related to feelings of hope and optimism. Staying connected to supportive people, has the potential toContinue reading “You Were Never Alone. Stay Connected”

Let’s Talk about Teletherapy the Same Way We Talk About Home Workouts and Toilet Paper

During this difficult time of uncertainty, support is more crucial than ever.  The lockdown has resulted in reduced social contact, isolation, and loneliness. We are no longer in the company of our peers. Teens are not with their fellow teenagers, moms are not with other moms, employees are not with coworkers, families are separated, andContinue reading “Let’s Talk about Teletherapy the Same Way We Talk About Home Workouts and Toilet Paper”

Don’t Let Lockdown Blur Your Boundaries: DRAWING LINES, SETTING BOUNDARIES

Self care includes, setting boundaries.  During this time under lockdown, you may be sharing your space with the same people every single minute of every single day. Irritated much? Joking! but seriously! Spending endless amounts of time around the people you live with, requires that you set boundaries.  This can entail, but may not beContinue reading “Don’t Let Lockdown Blur Your Boundaries: DRAWING LINES, SETTING BOUNDARIES”

Situations are powerless, without your reaction; Reacting to the global pandemic coronavirus.

This certainly puts things in perspective. Or NOT. Just as a crisis may demand our immediate attention, you may find that you are still left with the same underlying struggles, or untouched patterns.  Actually, we are really dealing with the same personal characteristics and personal reactions that we can be in touch with, at anyContinue reading “Situations are powerless, without your reaction; Reacting to the global pandemic coronavirus.”


You won’t catch me turning this negative into a positive, however I’ve been searching, just as I’m sure you have. We will find something. If you pay close attention, what you may find, is the truth. In many ways, you are being presented with the opportunity to learn about yourself, know yourself. You are facedContinue reading “COVID-19, THE OPPORTUNITY”

Don’t just check on the ”strong” people in your lives, Be THERE for them.

Being there for others might be easier than you think. We cannot be responsible for preventing loved ones from experiencing pain, nor can we take the pain away. What can we do? We can help them feel less alone. Acceptance of the emotions, and support from others makes a difference. As parents, helpers, partners, spouses,Continue reading “Don’t just check on the ”strong” people in your lives, Be THERE for them.”

Enough About The Food, What about Your TIME TOGETHER?

Here we go again! Ways to Handle Together Time with our friends and family that we are so thankful for: The holidays bring families together. In many cases, it includes relatives, friends or significant others “of” family that are not choice-selected, for our favorite day’s and night’s outings. These are all people we are spendingContinue reading “Enough About The Food, What about Your TIME TOGETHER?”

Mental Health: It’s a Wellness Thing

How we feel- is everything- When we’re not feeling good on the inside, or feeling good about ourselves we cannot feel the joy from other aspects of our lives- whether it’s life’s interests and accomplishments or relationships. That’s why mental health is so important. It impacts everything else.  It affects our pursuits, productivity, interactions withContinue reading “Mental Health: It’s a Wellness Thing”