You won’t catch me turning this negative into a positive, however I’ve been searching, just as I’m sure you have. We will find something. If you pay close attention, what you may find, is the truth. In many ways, you are being presented with the opportunity to learn about yourself, know yourself. You are faced with the challenge to accept yourself.

No more busying yourself with responsibilities, or activities. No more distractions. Whatever’s been shoved down for a long time, not to be felt, will be rising right now-whether it’s a frustration, a fear, memories, self reflection, lacking love, lacking friendship, hurt, disappointment, loneliness.

So, what do you do?

You pay attention to how you’re feeling. Shying away from your thoughts and feelings is not an option anymore. The process leads to learning-about yourself. There is nothing to be scared of here- it’s just knowledge about yourself. You have an opportunity to pay attention to how you feel, and why you feel what you feel. You may be left with thoughts of things you dislike about yourself, and you’ll have this opportunity to think further about why you have treated yourself this way. The reason you shouldn’t be scared, is because you can choose to accept all of it. You can choose not to judge yourself for mistakes, shortcomings, or decisions you’ve made. You can choose to feel that feeling that hurts, and accept it anyway.

Maybe you’re being separated from things you don’t need as much as you thought you did. Maybe you’re being separated from things you were relying on, more than you realized you were. Create something for yourself, find a space for yourself, get comfortable with yourself.

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