What if You Chose Acceptance Instead of Judgement?

Your mistakes, blunders and flaws, are the most interesting things about you.
In fact, the people that care about you the most are the ones that will want to hear about your greatest mistakes and the most tremendous pain you have endured. These experiences or characteristics are to be treasured, not shamed or held secret- but celebrated. What shames you, is most likely so interesting, so valuable and will lead you to the greatest understanding of yourself.

I guarantee – if you have the courage to acknowledge the events – to yourself , to fess up to the worst mistake you identify that you’ve made, the cringe-worthy moments that you’ve experienced, the greatest flaw you wish you could hide from the world- if you face it and accept that aspect of yourself as part of you, you have done something magical.

If you think about that one thing you may not have wanted anyone to know, ask yourself- isn’t it the most interesting thing about you? What do you think?

Your mistakes and flaws make you relatable, just as your honesty exposed, allows others to connect with you, providing them the comfort to be themselves. What you identify as your flaws, are the most beautiful parts of you because those are what make you real. The act of being genuine, makes you available to others as an individual, it makes you- you. Accepting these aspects of yourself makes you compassionate, open minded and understanding and balanced- and those are beautiful qualities to have.

Being able to be honest about your thoughts, feelings, mistakes, flaws, disappointments, struggles- and not be judged, just accepted- is EVERYTHING. You can find this in your relationships with others. This is also a byproduct of the therapeutic process. It allows you to be honest with yourself, resulting in self acceptance.

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