Grant Yourself Something Well-Deserved In The New Year: Patience

Maybe you took this time during the pandemic to think of your life, where you’re at, and where you’re – not at yet. I am guessing you thought of a few things to pick a part your position in life, as you are not alone in that mindset. It is quite typical to come up with accomplishments you thought about, but did not yet pursue or fulfill. In fact it is more common to think of your job and relationships as inferior to some careers and relationships you have chosen to put on a pedestal. You may even recognize characteristics of yourself or patterns that come out in relationships which you’ve labeled less-than-desirable. This is where you halt yourself, before you cast judgment on your life and yourself. Your awareness of your dreams is permissible. Your acceptance of yourself- where you are – is necessary. Do not discount the effort you have put forth, or your existence wherever the path has led you until now. Your acknowledgement is all you ever needed- thinking about that concept is enough right now.

It takes A TON of patience to get to the things and people that are the best fit for you. There will be rejection, disappointment, redirection, and this is part of the process to getting to your truest passions, greatest inspiration, and comfort in this world. Maybe you’re involved in a relationship that isn’t bringing out the best in you, or at a job that is not strongly motivating or challenging? This realization can result in disappointment, and even hopelessness or self ridicule; including thoughts that you are the reason you haven’t found fulfilling experiences or relationships. This is a harsh judgment of yourself, whereas your “current situation” has been impacted by too many variables to even bother to point a finger in your direction. Oftentimes, it’s directly related to the limited exposure you have had to what may have been a better fit for you. This only requires that you give yourself some time- to be where you are, and the ideas, hopes and beliefs of where you want to be. If you accept your experience as it is, without judgement, just acceptance of what you’ve been involved with, you’re granting yourself compassion. If you acknowledge the importance of patience and its role in your process, you’re granting yourself permission to be present and time to learn and grow. Taking the time just to notice what your thoughts are, and the feelings reflected, is the start of the process to getting to genuine fulfillment. Accepting yourself, gifting yourself time, and prioritizing your dreams, is the least you can do, within these circumstances.

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