Mental Health: It’s a Wellness Thing

How we feel- is everything- When we’re not feeling good on the inside, or feeling good about ourselves we cannot feel the joy from other aspects of our lives- whether it’s life’s interests and accomplishments or relationships. That’s why mental health is so important. It impacts everything else.  It affects our pursuits, productivity, interactions with others, our relationships, and our self esteem.  A new relationship or friendship, a new job, a new home, an amazing vacation will not create happiness FOR you.  It starts with understanding yourself and it can be found in accepting all aspects of yourself.  Pay attention to how you feel!  As often as you can.  That is how you know! You’ll know more about yourself and you’ll know where to start.  You’ll know what to avoid and what you need.  You can choose to recognize if you’re attempting to fulfill yourself with the “external”, whether it’s accolades from others or material items- and shift the focus to yourself and your inner joy and peace.  It may require restructuring or reorganizing your perspective in ways.  At the very least, true fulfillment in life requires you to make your mental health a priority.


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