Situations are powerless, without your reaction; Reacting to the global pandemic coronavirus.

This certainly puts things in perspective. Or NOT. Just as a crisis may demand our immediate attention, you may find that you are still left with the same underlying struggles, or untouched patterns.  Actually, we are really dealing with the same personal characteristics and personal reactions that we can be in touch with, at any time, in our lives. Along those lines, one thing or circumstance, cannot change who you are, and how you choose to react to the situation, and may very well be consistent with how you choose to react to unknown, unsettling circumstances.  That may remain. Choose to handle this pandemic, the way you’d like to handle anything. It’s ok to feel scared or concerned. Understanding how you’re feeling and choosing your reaction to the situation and to others, makes a difference.  Choose to stay connected.

Let the way you handle this, represent the way you’d like to handle all things.
1. Stay present, focus on where you are, and who you’re with this moment.
2. Be patient with others.
3. Be supportive of those concerned.
4. When needed, find yourself a space that is separate from others in your home.
5. Stay connected to those who can be supports in your life, whether by text or phone call.

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