We Don’t Have to Struggle If We Get Support

Whether you are a young adult attempting to complete secondary education, or simply uncertain about life’s next stage,

Whether you’re dealing with unemployment, or job dissatisfaction,

Whether you’re searching for greater satisfaction and understanding of a relationship with a significant other, family member, or friend,

Whether you’re an expectant parent, looking to process changes,

Whether you’re a new parent, dealing with newer responsibilities and lifestyle changes,

Whether you’re a parent with questions or concerns,

I can help you better understand what you’re going through and process feelings, changes, and optimize happiness and fulfillment in life.

Young Adults

A young adult in today’s society faces issues and challenges that did not exist, nor were acknowledged, by previous generations. Expectations are less clear about what a person’s next step should be after finishing school (whether it be high school, college, or graduate school). Young adulthood can be a time of many changes within family relationships, friendships, and furthermore, may include questions about goals, interests, and understanding roles within society and family. Counseling for young adults may help in the exploration of identity, and understanding their roles in relationships with others.

Job Dissatisfaction 

Periods of unemployment can feel disheartening and fearful. It can lead to lower confidence if not understood appropriately within the context of our society today. Additionally, job dissatisfaction can be highly frustrating. In most cases, our work is so much of what fills our lives everyday. Many people feel dissatisfied at one point or another, due to decreased pay, feeling undervalued, limited career growth, lack of interest, or being overworked and exhausted.

It can be less overwhelming to move toward new employment opportunities by exploring skills, training, needs, interests, ideas and goals with a trained professional.

Conflicts Within Relationships

Sometimes we are frustrated by feeling misunderstood in relationships, or even by lacking a connection with others. It can be helpful to understand our own feelings and expectations of these relationships, in order to achieve fulfillment and success with our loved ones.

Expectant Mothers and Fathers and Post Partum Mothers

Waiting to be a new parent can be an exiting time in one’s life. However, it can also cause one to feel uncertain or overwhelmed at times. Understanding your thoughts and feelings better, can help you get ready for anything you’d like to achieve.

If you are interested in exploring any thoughts or concerns, or simply looking for feedback, or an opportunity to share something, talking to someone can help.

Jennifer Shrier LCSW                                                                                                                    

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